Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tybee Island Marine Science Center

I know what your thinking. Tybee Island, GA, the place where Miley Cyrus filmed her movie, The Last Song. While on Vacation in Savannah with my younger sisters girl scout troop (Savannah is the birthplace of Girl Scouting), we took a trip to Tybee Island. While on the Island, which is one of the few barrier beaches in GA you can drive to, we all took a stop at Tybee Island Marine Science Center, which happens to be right by the beach.
On Tybee Island, one of the most valued sea creatures, besides the wild Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphins which pop out of the water when you take the dolphin cruise, is a Sea Turtle. While at the Marine Science Center, which is a smaller building right on the beach, the troop talked about special research about the Sea Turtles and the importance of bringing back the endangered species. Did you know, since beginning the rehabilitation of the Sea Turtle, the number of nests has just about doubled, and the number of 'false crawls' has slow declined. It might just be the turtles talking, but I think its amazing what we can do to help this species thrive. Did you also know that as part of the rehabilitation, all of Tybee Island turns their lights off at nine o'clock at night? Imagine the huge impact that this Science Center is giving to their environment.
The Marine Science Center also providdes many hands-on activities. Thats what makes this marine science center so cool. If you are ever in GA, Tybee Island Marine Center is a great place to go. (:

My Rating. 8.5/10
Would I go again? Yes.

Happy Summer.
~Princess Kate

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