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Perry Aylen


Summary (
Shipwrecked on the frozen seas of an ice world, in a future so distant that the only traces left of our time are shards of glass, fifteen year old twins, Jacob and Elya, are rescued by Aulf, the young mail man, who earns a precarious living sailing his small boat between the treacherous arms of the Vajra Crevasse, to deliver mail to the troubled islands of Hexult.

When the seas rose and the world froze, much technology was lost, and Jacob and Elya's superior knowledge of science leads the superstitious islanders to believe they are magicians. An ancient prophecy, predicting their arrival, spells trouble for the twins, and before long threatens their relationship with each other and puts and Elya's life in danger.
With the islands at each other's throats, Jacob and Elya come up with a revolutionary plan to help improve relations across Hexult, an idea instantly snapped up by Hexult's resident magician, Gabriel, who sees it as the perfect way to redeem his own fading glory, and immediately plots to undermine the twins' credibility and snatch the credit for himself.
With the help of Aulf, and his fiery crewmate, Ingar the Orphan, Jacob and Elya must overcome personal tragedy, the islanders' prejudice, marauding ice raiders, and Gabriel's vengeful scheming, in order to save their reputations and their lives.

About the Author (Goodreads):
What can I say, I'm a pen name; an amalgam of two people. One male, one female, born at different times in different places.

We (Perry Aylen), like a larger genre of books than a mere single entity, but are prone to psychotic behavior due to our split personality.

My Thoughts:
Jacob and Elya have been traveling the ice-covered seas for days when their boat crashes, killing their father. Aulf and Ingar, his orphaned crew, come to the rescue. They take them to Hexult. Unfortunatley, since Elya has dark hair while Jacob has light hair and they just so happen to be twins, the people of Hexult don't welcome them too kindly. They believe Elya is evil. While Jacob is helping the islands of Hexult better communicate and solve thier issues by building light towers, Elya is taken to Thorland after being chased away from the safety of the Aurora. Jacob organizes an Ice Fair where Elya is returned and all is well.
Wow. My summary makes this book seem like a joyless deadkill, but it is not. Even from the first chapter I was hooked, and that usually doesn't happen unless its a paranormal or mystery book. This was definately a great read and I would totally reccomend it!

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