Friday, July 1, 2011

Lady GaGa Monster Ball Tour

Little Monsters dressed as the Mother Monster
As you may or may not know, in February, I attended Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour. We had VIP tickets that came with a preshow party. Like every concert, there were people on the streets selling and buying tickets. Who knows if they were real or not?
Me and my cousin, Elena, playing DJ for a picture
The preshow party was not as I expected it to be. I expected it to be on the main floor, in front of the stage, with a disco ball and music so loud it would make you go deaf. Instead, it was upstairs in a large room with a bar. Sodas, hamburgers, chips, cookies, vegetables, and other selected food items were avaliable. During the early parts, Lady GaGa was actually walking around herself, though we got there a half hour too late! There was a DJ playing all types of songs and artists, though TVs were scattered around the room playing Lady GaGa music videos. We were allowed to stay as long as we wanted, but once the stage opened, we went to find our seats.
Everyone's outfits were so bizarre! They were all dressed as GaGa at her craziest. Some just wore duct tape, others an outfit of balloons! Once we found our seats, a drunk lady (the pre-preshow act) was jumping rope on stage. We went back to walk around and see what was there. I got my picture professionally taken twice, and saw more crazy attire. After a performance by the Sissor Sisters (the preshow act), a band popular with European gays, it was time for Lady GaGa to come on.
Screens came down and played movies; she sang; she talked; she changed costume after every song, and she changed backgrounds and props every 3 songs. It was really entertaining! To me, it seemed a bit more like a musical instead of a concert, which was different and unique. The plot was the Lady GaGa was lost and trying to get to the Monster Ball, which she finally did. She even called an audience member, which was randomly picked from a hat with signup sheets in it. You could sign up beforehand. She put it on speaker and told how a certain percent of each concert ticket sold went to a local charity (ours was the DC Gay, Lesiban, and Homeless Society, or something). She was big on supporting the homosexuals and it made me laugh when she mentioned Jesus loves everyone - boys and girls.
It was an interesting experience and I'm glad I went. I had fun. She cussed a lot though, so I'd say you should be at least 15 to go. The VIP party was $200 extra, but it came with a bag, bandana, keychain, and guitar pick. I don't reccomend buying that, because, in my mind, it wasn't really worth it.

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