Thursday, July 7, 2011

Warriors, Omen of the Stars

"Omen of the Stars" is the fourth series of warrior books. It includes a prophecy that states "There will be three kin, of your kin, that hold the power of the stars in there paws." The kin are Firestars (Thunderclan leaders) kin. His two grandchildren, warrior Lionblaze, and medicine cat Jayfeather. And the third is his nephews daughter, Dovefeather. Each of them has a special power. Jayfeather (Who is blind) can travel into other cats dreams, where he can see. Lionblaze can fight in any battle and not get killed or injured seriously. Dovefeather can see and hear farther then any other cat. The Dark Forest (Where evil cats go when they die) is rising, led by Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and Brokenstar, and they are training cats who are alive (Including Dovefeathers sister, Ivytail) to do deadly battle moves. They are killing some of them who get hurt in the dreams and they bleed in real life to death. The dark forest is rising and soon there will be a battle. Live cats and Starclan (Where good cats go when they die) versus the Dark Forest.

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