Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jenny Lane Interview&Review

First is the interview, then the review. 

Jenny Lane is an upcoming singer well on her way to becoming famous. I had the pleasure of interviewing her, just for your enjoyment! I hope you like the interview, like her, and decide to check out her Facebook page and suscribe to her YouTube channel.
Tasha Nicole, Jenny Lane

  1. When did you start singing? i started singing around 9 or 10 but didn't become serious about it til i was 15.
  2. What is your favorite genre to sing?my favorite genre to sing is definitely ROCK! i love drums and electric guitar and fast paced stuff, but i do love to sing a good ballad.
  3. Who are your favorite singers?favorite singers: adele, duffy, jessie j, stevie nicks, fiona apple, steve perry, caleb followill, adam levine, jewel.
  4. If you dyed your hair an unnatural color, what color would it be? i would dye my hair red, i always wanted to try being a red head!
  5. Favorite ice cream flavor?favorite ice cream flavor is plain old vanilla! i know, boring.
  6. How old are you?--
  7. Do you plan on being on American Idol? i did do american idol, in season five. i don't plan on doing it again.
  8. Any siblings? i have a younger brother
  9. Which other YouTubers do you think are talented singers? other youtubers i am a fan of (besides my crew!:) jess moskaluke, tyler ward, alex goot, hobbie stuart, dave days, kait weston, adam stanton!
  10. Do you plan on becoming famous, or is singing just a hobby? i most definitely plan on becoming famous!

Now for the review! lol
Jenny Lane

see above review, below interview

Rock, Pop, Blues

Reccomended for:
anyone with a love of music!

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My Thoughts:
Wow. Jenny is an extreemly talented singer who will definately go far in the world of music. She does amazing covers and even has some pretty awesome original songs as well. Since I did have an interview on this post, I'm going to keep the review short by just saying to check out her websites, follow, like, and suscribe to her, and also to buy her items on iTunes! :)

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