Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City, MD is like any other city by the ocean. It has the sand, it has the water, and it has a boardwalk. The boardwalk in Ocean City has so many different stores, you could spend hours shopping there. It also features a nice variety of hotels and resturants. You can walk to the beach from the boardwalk and you can see the water while standing on it.
On one side of the boardwalk is the road, the other the ocean. The boardwalk is litterally boards that you walk on! It's a wooden walkway. You can even ride rides on the boardwalk! There are 2 places to ride rides on the Ocean City boardwalk, and tons of places to play games!
If you go to Ocean City, MD, you have to go to the boardwalk!
ps. this review was done by TashaNicole on a blank post that was saved by Kate, so it says its from Kate but its not and I did not go onto her account

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