Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adriana Trigiani Interview

 1. What were some interesting exercises that you did to develop your characters? Well, Tasha, I have, for many years

now (since I was 13) kept notebooks- with names- and snippets of stories- newspaper clippings- whatever I come across- these notebooks expand to become files- and then, I gather objects of interest- When I was working on the Valentine series, I had all manners of swatches and tools to make shoes on my desk. The collection varies from subject to subject.

2. Why did you choose writing as a career? I loved to read as a girl, and eventually the love of reading took root in me so

deeply that it compelled me to become a writer.

3. If you could switch places with one person in your book, who would it be? I'd like to be Bartolomeo De Crespi in Rococo for one day!

4. Do you actually take the time to read your fan mail? Yes, Every single letter- and now Facebook. And I respond to each letter!

5. If your house was on fire, what are the first things that you would grab as you ran out the door? First my daughter and husband- and then- a little bank, a small iron house- which I promised my grandmother I would grab in a fire- it belonged to her mother, and she cherished it.

6.How did you get through it all? Sleep- eating well and running. And lots of times- I just relax entirely- and put my feet up.

7.How many times were you rejected before someone decided to publish your book? In my career, I have had a lot of rejection- and I still deal with criticism and rejection- it is part of the job. Having said that, there isn't any criticism that I have ever received that tops the joy I have from my work. So you see, like all things in life, you persevere beyond the obvious, and that's where the treasure lies.

8.Did you want to publish a book and write one, or did you write the book and decide to get it published? Big Stone Gap was my first novel- and it began as a screenplay. Since then, the books have been rooted in the novel form. I was lucky- I worked on Big Stone Gap many years before it was published. I look back on the time spent and I'm very grateful for it.

9.Why did you dedicate it to the person you did? I dedicate my books to people who have made me see the world in wonder and joy.

In every instance, it's a big thank you.

10.Did you doubt your book? I never doubt my work. I doubt myself sometimes, and the world, but it's best to work from a place of joy, openess, receptivity and kindness. I remember to be good to myself- and to finish the job- and to enjoy every aspect of writing. It is work, but it is also so gratifying that it makes up for the toil!


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