Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know this is not a review or an interview, but it is super important!

If you are interested, please e-mail me at

Thank you!

When being my assistant, you will recieve:

1. All ARC (Advanced Review Copy) Requests you send out and get back, you can keep, AFTER YOU REVIEW THEM.
2. Your own "work" e-mail, special for my blogs' work only. (You can look at my other blogs and ask to be assistants to them as well.)
3. $1-$5 a month. This is not a full-time job!
4. My trust (very important - don't blow it!)
5. Your own "work" phone number (this is optional, because, to get it, you must first give me what ur regular number is now, then u must call the number i tell u to call in order to have the new number [and still the old one] activated on ur phone)
**** All "recieving" items, except the blog e-mail and my trust, is optional! Let me know if you don't want them, except for #2&#4 ******

1. know how to type
2. know how to publish posts to this blog once you are an author
3. Can look up author, singer, artist, and other people's e-mails / addresses online and send them e-mails (I will give you a sample I want you to send out)
4. Can do an interview and review items
5. is a Hard Worker
****Don't let a qualifacation stop you from applying - you might still get it!****

How to Apply:
1. E-mail the form below:
Current e-mail:
Qualifications you meet (the numbers from this post):
Rewards you wish to recive:
Address (if you want the money):
Phone Number (if you want the phone number):
Thank you! I will be in contact shortly.
2. I will reply with information.

Thanks, and PLEASE APPLY TODAY!!!!!!

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