Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wee World Interviews

On WeeWorld, I interviewed some people about thier experiences.

Interview 1 -
queentasha97 5:23pm: What do spend most of your time on WeeWorld doing?

 rockrule10 (girl) : Nothin
 crockodile2010 (guy): talk 2 frndz nd stuff wat else am i surposed 2 do

Interview 2 -
queentasha97 5:13pm: When did you join WeeWorld?

DamienLover57 5:15pm: Like last yr n 2009

DamienLover57 5:15pm: N August

queentasha97 5:16pm: What do you think of WeeWorld?

DamienLover57 5:20pm: Ihtz fun but da thing dat suck ihz dat ders alot of thinqz dat cost Gold

DamienLover57 5:20pm: N ihtz hard 2 get gold

queentasha97 5:21pm: I completely agree!

queentasha97 5:21pm: How has it changed since 2009?

DamienLover57 5:24pm: i hav 5 weeworld thinqz

queentasha97 5:24pm: wow. kool

DamienLover57 5:24pm: Idk wat elre change

queentasha97 5:24pm: k

queentasha97 5:24pm: Last question -

DamienLover57 5:24pm: Yeaa

queentasha97 5:24pm: Overall, how do you like weeworld? why?

DamienLover57 5:25pm: Kkay
DamienLover57 5:27pm: Weeworld ihz kewl cuz theres bout 213 ppl dat i got as friendz

queentasha97 5:28pm: Thanks for your time!

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