Monday, July 19, 2010

Simply from Scratch

(Page refferences and quotes might not be in final book, do not hold that against me or the book. Either way, still check out the book and this site. Thank you! :) ) 
You'd never suspect Simply From Scratch is Alicia Bessette's first novel. A sad tale, with a surprising ending, I would reccommend this book to 15-45 year olds and mature 14 year olds. Coming out in August 2010, you can pre-order Simply From Scratch from many bookstores all over. To check out more, go to
When Zell's husband dies in a tragic accident while helping the people of New Orleans, Zell's life falls apart. While reading an article of Meals In A Cinch with Polly Pinch, she comes across an add for a baking contest. The winner recives $20,000. In one of the e-mails her husband sent before he died, that was the exact amount of money Nick wanted to raise to help the people of Hurricane Katrina. So, with the help of Ingrid, Zell's next door neighbor, and some friends, she creats a finalist entry, to find out more, read the book, Simply From Scratch.
I especially liked the part on page 94, when Tasha was introduced. She loves dogs, and so do I, and my name is Tasha, so it was kind of awesome. Some other parts, like when Ingrid said "I seriously have to pee"  are things I say too. It was like Alicia knows me. Kindda kool! LOL
But, seriously, you guys should check this book out!

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