Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peter Abrahams Interview!!!!!

1. How many books have you written?

To Fetch A Thief - 3rd in the New York Times bestselling Chet and Bernie
series, and written under my pen name, Spencer Quinn - is my 25th novel.
They include 17 standalone crime fiction novels for adults, the Echo Falls
mysteries for middle-schoolers, and Reality Check (winner of this year's
best YA Edgar) and Bullet Point for young adults.

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> 2. How hard was it to publish a book? What did you have to do?
So long ago I don't remember.


> 3. If you lived in your own world, what would it be like?
Too quiet.


> 4. Green hair or green skin? (Which do you like better/would rather have)
I'm just glad to have skin and hair.


> 5. Do you hope to have your books turn into movies? If some have already
been turned into movies, which ones?
The Fan was made into a movie (DeNiro, Snipes, Del Toro, Barkin). Dog On
It, first in the C&B series, is in development at Universal.


> 6. When did you first start taking writing seriously?
From the get-go.


> 7. Name the books that are for sale now?
Pretty much all of them. For more info, check out

> 8. What inspired you to write To Fetch a Thief?
The background story, having to do with illegal traffic in exotic animals,
is an interest of mine, as is the treatment of animals in general. And I
knew that Chet and Bernie could have tense adventures down Mexico way.


> 9. What would you like to say to all your fans?
Check out Chet's blog - You can also follow him on
Twitter - @chetthedog.


> 10. What is your favorite color?
Still waiting to see it.

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