Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sally Warner Interview

1. What is it like being an artist?

I am not active in the visual arts (drawing) any longer, even though my drawings are on my site. My optic nerves were damaged due to a serious illness some years back, and while I'm fine, really, I can't do that kind of work now. It is a sadness to me, and it was a privilege being able to do the drawings, and I hope to find another kind of art I can do some day, maybe collage, when I'm not as busy with writing as I am now. My writing career came along just in time! I am grateful for that.

2. What is it like being an author?
I love being an author for many reasons. But honestly, you have to like working alone without any feedback, you have to be able to revise, revise, revise, and you have to be able to stand being rejected--sometimes a lot. But you also get to tell stories. One of the things I like best about writing is that I can think as long as I want to about something, and then say everything I want without being interrupted. (There are lots of interruptions in life today.)

3. Which do you like better?
I liked drawing then, and I like writing now. I try to love whatever I'm doing.

4. How old were you when you had your first book published?
42. Old, to be starting out! But I'm not sure I had as much to say before then, and anyway, I was busy drawing, teaching, exhibiting my work around the country, and being a mom

5. How many schools have you visited?
I don't visit many schools, even though I would love to, because for me, it takes too much time and energy away from my work. Instead, I sometimes teach workshops and speak at writers' conferences for adults.

6. When did you start to take art seriously?
I started to take art seriously when I was very young, but certainly by the time I was 16 or so. Probably younger.

7. If you could live in your own world, what would it be like? What would it be called?
I like this world, but if I could live in this world the way I would like to (at least for a while) I would travel more, and comfortably: Rome at least once a year, NYC maybe twice a year, Pittsburgh (to see one of my sons) twice a year, Santa Fe at least once a year, and Finland every couple of years. And I'd have lots of money to give away to my favorite causes, most of which involve children. I'd even set up a foundation! But I'd keep who was giving the money away a secret...

8. What's your favorite color?
Gray, because it's so beautiful with other colors, and because I love clouds so much. (I also love coral and teal, but gray is my favorite.) (Maybe that's why I loved drawing with charcoal!)

9. What inspires you? Both for your art pieces and writings.
Art: I was always inspired by nature. Writing: Human behavior, and loving people, and how funny and sad they can be. Also, caring about kids.

10. Is there anything else you would like to say or have put on my blog?
No, except that I think blogs are great, and I wish they'd been around when I was your age! I would definitely have had one!
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