Friday, July 30, 2010

What I Like About You

 (Total of 4 seasons)

What I Like About You is a popular TV sitcom, about two sisters, Valerie "Val" Tyler (Jennie Garth) and Holly Tyler (Amanda Bynes), that was originally featured on the WB television channel, but now can be seen on ABC Family and Teen Nick. Holly always gets into a bit of trouble, but her loving sister gets her out of it - most times.
For people who like the classic Amanda Bynes-style comedy, Full House, and other shows like it, I'd suggest you check out What I Like About You if you are over the age of 12.
Watch What I Like About You:
Weekdays at 9a/8c on ABC Family
Weeknights at 8p/7c on Teen Nick and Weeknights at 10p on Teen Nick

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