Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blog Help - all of my blogs Hello!

My name is TashaNicole and I am the very sad owner of Land Of Magic.

I changed one of my former blogs into something I would use, but I am in way over my head now.


If you would like to help me by posting to any of my blogs (I have 9 or 10), please just reply to this or send my a PM with your e-mail, or e-mail me your e-mail. My e-mail along with my other blogs can be found on my blogger profile, which you can find by clicking the "About Me, complete profile" part of this blog.

Like I said, I really need your help! And I truly appreciate it if you do help.

So send me a message (PM, comment, or e-mail) about which blog you want to help out with (it can be more than one- I appreciate the help! Plus, PrincessReview helpers get special gifts, sorta like a paycheck) and your e-mail. Then I'll e-mail you the invitation to join. Just click the link, log in or make an account with Google, and ta-da! Start helping and posting!

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