Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Samsung AT&T Costumer Interview

I interviewed a fellow AT&T costumer about what they think of thier phone. Here is the conversation we had on AOL below:

queentasha97 5:20pm: What type of phone do you have?

Amanda 5:21pm: Samsung

queentasha97 5:21pm: What service is it? (Verizon, AT&T, etc)

Amanda 5:22pm: At&t

queentasha97 5:22pm: Does it get good coverage?

Amanda 5:23pm: I think so

queentasha97 5:23pm: lol ok

queentasha97 5:23pm: How often does it need to be charged?

Amanda 5:24pm: Once every couple of days

queentasha97 5:25pm: awesome

queentasha97 5:25pm: last question - overall, what do you think of your phone? why?

Amanda 5:26pm: Its ok. Cause i sometimes i hit the wrong thing. Cause its touch screen.

queentasha97 5:26pm: k

queentasha97 5:26pm: Thank you for your time!

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