Saturday, July 10, 2010

Carolyn Enz Hack: Interview with an Artist

1. What inspires you the most?

Problem solving - creating a work of art requires that you think on

many levels. You start with a concept or idea but it's a long way from

that initial thought to a finished piece that can hold your interest.

Also art is both in the real world and out of it so you can do just

about anything. That's pretty motivating.


> 2. What is your favorite medium to use?

I mostly use oil paints but since I was trained as a theatrical

designer I will paint with just about anything! My studio is full of

supplies and objects that I plan to use in art pieces. Some of the

interesting things that I have collected to use in my work are: a pile

of hammers, lots of old wire sheep fencing, the innards of a piano,

and a slab of sawn walnut.


> 3. About how much time do you spend on each painting?

It really depends on the painting. The hardest thing is to know when

to stop - when the painting is done. Sometimes I think that I am done

and for some reason just don't take that painting out of the studio.

Next thing you know I'm throwing more paint on it. It takes a lot of

time to get it right and it has taken years to have enough skill to

make good work.


> 4. About how much does each painting cost?

My work averages between $600 and $1500 per piece but it totally

depends on the project.


> 5. Where can we buy these paintings?

I sell most of my work out of my studio but also show at other venues.

You can reach me through my website

I also sell reproductions of my work at: There you will have the

ability to purchase cards, posters, calenders and other products with

my images on them.

Right now I have a show hanging at the Chittenden Bank Main Lobby at

2 Burlington Square at the corner of Pine and Bank Streets in

Burlington, Vt. This fall my work will be included in the "Shelburne

Farms 23rd Annual Art at the Coach Barn" exhibition which will be held

from September 24 - October 24, 2010 in Shelburne, Vermont. In

November and December my work will fill the Vermont State Supreme

Courthouse lobby in Montpelier, Vt. where I hope it will create a calm

atmosphere for all who enter!


> 6. Which painting of yours do you think is the best? Why?

I always like the one that I'm working on at the moment best because I

am using new ideas or approaches to painting.


> 7. When you look at other paintings, what makes you think "Wow. I wish I

> created that"?

I appreciate other people's talent and when I see something that I

like a lot I try to understand what it is that is so appealing to me

so that I can incorporate the technique or approach into my way of

working. When you see sheer talent it's humbling and inspires me to

work harder.


> 8. What would you like to say to all your fans?

My work is an idealized view of the natural world. I hope that it is

calming and inspires others to look with care at what is around them.

All of our ideas of what is beautiful comes from nature and we should

treasure the real thing.


> 9. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Wow, I could talk for hours about art. I love my work. Thanks for

letting me talk about it.


> 10. Thank you for your time. Where can we get more information on you and

> your masterpieces?


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